NEW hashtag #OcdCommunity

Hi All !

As some of you may be aware , i used to run weekly chats on twitter under the hashtag #AskAshOCD a recognised # by the Uk’s leading charity mind , where we would discuss various topics , for all those that lived with , and carers /family members alike about OCD. and it was a great resource , that served its purpose well.

Today i thought about how there is a lot of misinformation on twitter at times in regards to ocd , but , importantly there are some really fab people on there who have lived experiences about OCD , not only as a lived experiences , but also those that live and support/care for

So my suggestion is to use the hashtag #OcdCommunity  so that if you are looking for support or advice , it will show up , and therefore we can support each other and importantly direct to correct resources like @maternalOCD and @OCDaction

IF you like you can add #OcdCommunity to your bio , but do NOT feel obliged to do so , and it is all down to personal choice on how one choose’s to use it. REMEMBER your well-being comes first on social media.



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