An incredible year that was .. Thank You !

Thought i would write a small article about the year and the OCD / Mental Health work i have done during 2017

I was fortunate enough to have worked alongside some of the best teachers of CBT via various University’s across the Uk. sharing my lived experiences of OCD and Recovery , and engaging with future therapist’s who will go onto hopefully fix people with ocd and go onto lead a life free from the debilitating disorder.

I was a keynote speaker this year at the first Maternal Mental Health Alliance conference , and what a great experience that was. I also got to meet some truly incredible people too , at last .

I have been along to Parliament on three occasions , focusing on getting Fathers better access to treatments during the Maternal stages , an ongoing project which is moving forwards rather swiftly , thanks to my good friend Mark Williams , from father’s reaching out .

I could go on and add further (much more lol) , but i won’t , but what i would like to say to everyone who has engaged with me this year , and asked me to be a part of it all , a massive thank you , i really do appreciate it a lot , and sometimes i have to pinch myself to check that its all real !

2018 looks like it is going to continue in the same way , which is awesome

Once again , i am honoured to have been involved , thank you thank you thank you !


Ash 🙂









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