Anxious about not being anxious .. .

Yes ! Title says it all.

A common theme that crops up in OCD. is where people are , or become very anxious about the irrational thoughts they are having , because the thoughts themselves no longer are bothering them with anxiety , but remain , which leads onto the person becoming petrified by that fact !

Therefore if they are NOT making you  anxious , it must mean i want them , they must be true = Doubt , fear , anxiety , guilt etc = this is ocd at work itself .

So if you do have the thoughts that remain “stuck” but they don’t give off any anxiety , its normal, but also be prepared for OCD to take another devious route , of asking you , with crap doubt , and causing further angst .. BUT implement good CBT , or self help work !


Heads up






The needless safeguarding procedures ……OCD.

Alas , here i am writing a blog about why people are still going through needless safeguarding procedures, after disclosing their harmless thoughts that are torturing them, if anything they are sharing them because they are requiring help , help which if implemented well can be a life changer that is Cognitive Behavioural Therarpy , and ERP.

Do those that are implementing safeguarding procedures , know about OCD at all ? Do they know that there are no reported cases , EVER , of any person with OCD acting on their unwanted thoughts ! They never do , never have , never will !! No reported cases anywhere in the world ….. So lets look at who decided its a need !!! it isn’t !!!  is it !

On two different occasions recently , during lived experience teaching with IAPT i have heard that some are told to automatically report thoughts of harm/sexual nature to safeguarding protocol , which leads onto unnecessary  angst , wasting of time , resources and  money , which could be put towards resources that help people get better , not making them feel like shit !!! If anything it could actually cause huge damage to a persons well being , and take them back to a worse place than they were before !

Then you hear of people being advised , be careful of who you disclose to , as it can cause pathetic responses of safeguarding by ill informed professionals .. REALLY ?? one would of thought that with the knowledge around about OCD , these are really not required, alas it appears not !!!

Maybe OCD disclosure of thoughts has become a victim of past mistakes that were real , as where in OCD there isn’t a threat , they just want help and support , not another swift kick in the nuts , it hurts , its scary and i speak from lived experience of !!

I was kind of apprehensive of writing this , as i though it might put people off seeking help , but why should i not say it as it is,  its wrong , very ! So please don’t delay if you need advice or support ocd action are fab


*Footnote , there can be case of OCD having impacts on those that live with , eg where over usage of chemicals, could impact on others wellbeing , and support should be offered straight away (in an ideal way)

Importance is with the correct help and support ocd is very treatable

Maybe , just maybe if you are unsure as a professional , get one in who knows about ocd rather than needless knee-jerking of safe guarding. Here is a Risk Assessment in OCD a fantastic resource and important article too