Extreme OCD. Channel 5. Review

Hi !

Thought i would write a review on the programme re “Extreme OCD”

Firstly “Extreme OCD” title kind/could of  portrayed ocd in it’s “extreme” so for some , people watching  may of been put off seeking help , if they felt that their OCD wasn’t as severe , or could lead onto a comparison , and of course sometimes people do have OCD and are able to hold down full time jobs , often called “high functioning” and do have difficult , severe OCD , but “can” be palmed off for treatments because they are “high functioners” = can’t be that bad , you are working full time

The programme itself , touched on many variations , and types of OCD that effects a sufferer , and also covered well the impact it has on all those that live and care for on a daily basis. It didn’t stereotype , but we must not put OCD into stereotypical boxes , it has a huge impact , whatever the flavour of the obsessions , same meat just different gravy

Positives of programme , was it gave a good insight into how ocd can manifest itself , and from that i hear reports of people seeking help for the first time, which is fab

Negatives ? Not much really , but very difficult to get it right with such a mix match of variations and types of Ocd , flipping from one person to another .

Thats all really .




The importance of diagnosis in ocd , maybe .. ..

I thought I would write a personal view on why it is important to have a diagnosis when you are struggling from a debilitating disorder that is OCD.

For me personally ,after 30 odd years of struggling , without a diagnosis, I had reached rock bottom , the lowest point in my life , I thought I was mad, dangerous , did not deserve to live , due to the abhorrent unwanted thoughts that I may have harmed my children when they were babies , some of the thoughts we of a sexual nature also , it was horrific …. to the point of suicidal ideation ….. I wanted answers and certainty that I had not done these things, I tried many ways of trying to get certainty that I had not done these things , and also I tried many types of compulsions to try and rid myself of the thoughts along with disgusting feelings ….

I could not tolerate it anymore so in desperation I took myself to A/E and requested to be locked away , forever to protect people from the evil person I was lead to believe I was …THIS is where the importance of DIAGNOSIS was critical for me !! The on duty Pysch. sat me down and explained what was happening to my poorly brain , and how OCD manifests itself !!! BANG !!! he also explained I would never have done these things , in the past , it was that I had horrid fears that I may have , and the uncertainty feelings make it feel like you have

SO the importance when a person presents with OCD in thee first instance (often at crisis point, as it can take up to 11 plus years before people seek help) being to told by a well informed professional about OCD is vital !

Diagnosis in Perinatal/Paternal OCD is vital too. Too often it is missed, or even misdiagnosed which is wrong , and leads onto further unnecessary suffering for all that are involved with the Disorder. Diagnosis gives all a good insight into the disorder , and importantly accessing correct evidence based treatments for OCD , that being CBT.

I recently did a poll on twitter and over 97% agreed that being given a diagnosis of OCD was beneficial in the sense that they could then go onto obtain information about the disorder , and use self help tools/books to work towards recovery , and importantly direct them onto good treatments , to help them regain their lives back

SO if you are a critic of diagnosis, take time to listen to those who have lived experiences, and yes OCD is a real disorder , but a very treatable one at that … and maybe just maybe with a diagnosis on board, it may help prevent further suffering and many more, unnecessary lost years …..