That’s all folks …. #AskAshOCD

Yes … that Is all folks … !!!

Tonight’s was the last #AskAshOCD twitter chat ….

It all started over 2 plus years ago , Diana from Maternal Ocd came up with the  suggestion, why not start a tweet chat and call it #askashocd  …and it went from strength to strength , the awareness of it all has been fantastic , some great knowledge sharing , and Therapists engaged and learnt from it too , some even using it as requested research tool … It was also a recognised hash tag by the charity Mind also …….

The Uk’s leading Ocd Charity , OCD  Action  charity have always supported me along the way , for which I am grateful too , they are fantastic charity of which I’m proud to continue to work alongside and volunteer for


SO why end ~ #AskAshOCD you may ask … ? because I feel that it has served its purpose , awareness has changed hugely over the last 2-3 years , and that’s brilliant !! so , time now for me to work at focusing on getting better help for people with ocd … talk is good , actions are better…

So a massive thank you to EVERYONE that has engaged with #askashocd over that time , And a HUGE HUGE thanks to an incredible lady , who has been my double act , of batman and robin , who has given up her time as a carer’s perspective , that is Annie Cairns from twitter ! and a ocd action volunteer x > @cairns1ann


Take care , it’s been an incredible journey . Thank you .