The Marathon for “mental health”

YES !! I am running the London marathon on the 23rd of April 2017. It will be my 3rd in 4 years !!

You may have noticed the media coverage this year is , and has been focussed on “mental health” through the the charity “heads together” which is a “good” thing , aiming it towards people to “open up” about mental health, it is good to talk !! Lets reduce stigma too !! Yes yes yes …… many of us have been doing this for years also !! BUT no only getting people to talk , the importance I and others have done is to focus on the real issues and that is being able to access correct support, evidence based treatments , looking to increase better outcomes for people that have already “talked” !! because for many , it has been atrocious , very !!!

So yes , TALK ! REDUCE STIGMA , but lets not keep putting a sticky plaster on a broken leg , because it doe not work ever !

Going back to me personally , re the marathon itself , I am really looking forwards to it (although training has been difficult due to nasty virus) and I will give it my best shot , because running for such an incredible charity, Tourette’s action , gives me pleasure in knowing the money raised will really benefit those that live and care for , re support groups, support, research , and as a sufferer myself I know how difficult the syndrome can be , but it must never stand in your way EVER




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