What has been going on ??

Thought I would update , and blog about what has been going on in the last couple of months …

Apart from Marathon training , for the London Marathon on the 23rd of april , it has been a busy year so far in regards to Mental Health/ocd awareness.

In January I was proud to have worked alongside one of the worlds leading Bdd/OCD experts , Rob Wilson at Surrey University.

The day involved training/teaching IAPT therapists , using my lived experience, and as Rob quoted “The Encylopedia of knowledge” of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , that I allegedly have ! The day was great , and Rob is a fantastic teacher. I hope they all went away equipped with good knowledge , so that they can help to change peoples lives for the better. What was also pleasing to hear , was Rob is keen on me becoming a therapist , which is a work in progress !

Last month I was asked to be on the panel of experts , for a debate , about taking Mental Health into the 21st century , working alongside MP. Norman Lamb, Liz Fraser (founder of Headcase) Danny Bowman, Chair from Parliament Street, lived experiences of Bdd/OCD , and Jonny Benjamin.

It was a great event and I was able to put across many aspects /knowledge/important information about OCD. It went down very well and Norman Lamb , said that he loved my input.

3 Days later !!!

I was back in London , doing a talk about OCD and Tourettes Syndrome , at the London Tourettes support group, collaborating with Liz Atkin , a world famous visual artist , which she has used as a platform of change to help her with the Compulsive Skin Picking/Dermatillomania. Liz is often seen on the Underground doing Charcoal drawings and passes them onto passengers, its also a great way of sharing awareness of the debilitating disorder. She has recently been working in Singapore. Her Presentation on the day , was incredible , and very informative. You can follow Liz on twitter @lizAtkin and her webpage is here  www.LizAtkin.Com

My talk involved sharing my lived experience of OCD and TS. and the sharing of information with those in the audience , which was followed up by a Q/A which went on for a good 30 minutes

What was so pleasing to hear, next day was the fantastic feedback I received, one person in the audience said it has been like a light switch going on , and it has given him hope and inspired him , and that you can go onto lead a great life, and don’t let TS stand in your way. “One day I want to be like ash , doing talks/presentations” I said at any time he wants to be alongside me , to do a talk , he is more than welcome

I also got the pleasure of meeting up with Jess the “tourettes superhero” she is awesome, and so was Sophia too , was lovely to meet you as well

The support group all round is fantastic , huge credit to all involved !

So that’s it really . Looking forwards to running the Marathon on the 23rd of april with the tourettes action running vest on , and the “heads together” headband , because this year its the “marathon for mental health”

Thanks for reading. Much love

Ash x x x




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