“Oh that’s just Ash. That’s just the way he is …. ! “

Thought I would  write a blog about my experiences of Tourette Syndrome and why I have chosen to run the London Marathon 2017 for the wonderful charity that is Tourette’s Action, all details can be found here > https://www.tourettes-action.org.uk/

My Fundraising Page is here > http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-web/fundraiser/showFundraiserPage.action?userUrl=AshCurry007&faId=764934&isTeam=false

So , how many times have I heard “oh that’s just Ash , that’s just way he is !” probably 100’s because that is how people describe my Tourette’s syndrome of which I was “eventually” diagnosed with , aged 35 … during my diagnosis of OCD. which is or can be co-morbid with TS.

Why do they say that though ? I suppose,  if people are unaware of my TS , which at times can be innapropiate  , its a way of saying that’s him , some are even kind enough to explain TS to those who aren’t fully knowledged of how it can manifest itself !

It probably started around the age of 6 , mainly saying things out loud (and not swearing , only a small % actually do) it could be words , noises , burping , yelping as eg. It did impact on my ability to focus and education , but I was ok with the things that interested me !

I also went through stages of punching myself in the face .

Age 15 I left school early and found a job at my local barbers , of which I took to like a duck to water !! and I now run my own business , which has been successful for over 22 years ! The job I feel is a great distraction , and in my workplace I find the TS not so strong , except when it gets busy !! The TS it seems for me , spills out oddly as very funny ,like a sudden pun … although it can be offensive , its intent isn’t meant to be, and nor can I help that.

Once Diagnosed with ocd , I learnt lots about it , and 9 months afterwards I made a full recovery , and have remained ocd free for the last 12 years , which for me has helped with TS , as that , thankfully has lessened as I have got older (currently 48)

Currently the TS takes the forms of repeating words and what other’s say. Mimicking peoples voices and accents, apparently I would make a great impersonator !

I personally feel that in a TS sense of impact , compared to others , mine is mild to moderate, sometimes it’s  there , sometimes it isn’t , but to be honest I don’t really care !

So i’m running the London marathon for the super Tourettes Action , they help people with and care for, and also do some great work in the research field.

So although its not big blog , I’m not the greatest of writers , I do hope you gain from this and please do sponsor !!

Most importantly . People love me for who I am, I have an incredible wife of 25 years and 2 two superb kids , who I am very proud of. Don’t ever let TS stand in your way .


Ash 🙂 X







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