Confessing to things .. but still unsure. !

Thought i would write a Blog about confessing in ocd.  Here goes ….

Imagine having unwanted abhorrent sexual intrusive thoughts enter your brain , that cause huge, terrifying and disabling anxiety , and remain constant for 24 hours , non stop … and what ever you try to do to work out whether they are real or not , they simply return even harder, to the point of them becoming so strong you actually start to believe in them ….

Yes that’s OCD. and a person with OCD would also , carry out compulsions , like rumination, trying to neutralise the thoughts , self reassurance, drinking water to try and flush the thoughts away … the list is ENDLESS but however hard you try , by using compulsions , they only offer a small amount of relief, for some none at all …

Now Imagine not having any diagnosis of OCD !! the fear , the doubt, the debilitation the intensity of it all …. and however hard you try to convince yourself its not real , you become so exhausted after trying every avenue of escapism , it therefore must be true and that is where, for some the “confession” part steps in …. i need to tell someone … i’m a bad person …. So they go onto to disclose the thoughts to a partner/gp/health visitor/midwife as eg …. ” i have done XYZ , please lock me away” … and that is Where the recipient of the disclosure has to understand the disorder that is OCD and if not , do get a professional involved, who can go into the reasons why , what they are doing when the thoughts enter , how long they have been suffering etc etc … rather than making automatic knee-jerk reactions and adding further needless problems to the persons already suffering/well-being.

So yes , people do disclose to things that they have not done , they are doing it because its a huge cry for help and also a compulsion , because they want absolute certainty that they have not done the things the powerful bullying ocd has lead them to believe they have

Importance also, is that this is understood in Perinatal Stages , especially for those mums (and dads) that have had no history of OCD in past , and are hit by a sudden onset of it … !!









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