Intrusive thoughts of a sexual nature from the past …..

Often termed as “false memory” it isn’t , its OCD.

Where to start ? What happens in this type of OCD is youre hit with images ,/ thoughts that you have sexually abused family members or children in the past, the thoughts of course can be of a very sexual nature, and appear to be , or feel very real, which causes huge angst ! “I’m thinking it, therefore I must have” creeps in ….

The reaction as a OCD sufferer is to try and work out if they are real or not, replaying the images and events , checking children now to see if they seem off or not right, ruminating,self convincing, every conceivable effort is carried out to work out if they actually had happened.

What happens of course, is by carrying out the action/compulsions it actually makes the OCD more powerful and the thoughts become so strong, one can actually start to believe in them, which sadly can lead into a confession (another compulsion) to things they feel they may have done , although the unsure feeling is still there, albeit minimal, but still a thread to cling to.!!

People with these type of thoughts often are too afraid to seek help , for the fear of being judged incorrectly ! But thankfully that is a very rare occurrence these days, but it does shockingly still happen, with needless interventions by social services , due to crap knowledge about OCD, which only adds to the further stress of dealing with OCD !

If you are suffering with this type of unwanted thoughts due to OCD, but are too afraid to seek help, don’t delay, with good help from ย charity’s ย + (OCD Action) the correct help can be given, and life does and will certainly change for the better



19 thoughts on “Intrusive thoughts of a sexual nature from the past …..

  1. Thank you for replying can I ask one question are the images and memories the same in relation to false memory OCD?


      • Okay just one more thing is it possible that the image I am getting is also the same as a memory as in they are both the same??


      • Image makes it feel real , due to obsessional worry that leads onto compulsions that make one look for answers if its real or not , and by continual engaging with , makes the image etc stronger , seem real = more compulsions , and so on. Behaviour changes with CBT means that you are doing the opposite to what ocd requires= loses its power ! Can “appear” to be a memory , causes angst etc , apply above


  2. Sorry ash didn’t quite understand are the images I am experiencing the same as a memory? Thank you btw you have been really helpful have you recovered from this aswell?


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