#OCDWEEK . My personal views of it !

It’s been, in my opinion one of the best ocd awareness weeks I’ve been involved with, since first participating over 11 years ago !!

Those that have been involved have really shown the true side of OCD. and how it can destroy and debilitate people, and also those that live and/or care for sufferers on a daily basis.

The shocking part of the week, was the itv “good morning Britain’s” attempt of getting involved, and sadly getting it all so so so wrong, where in retrospect it could of been a golden opportunity to show and portray ocd properly, but alas the response from all, and media outlets made a positive from a very negative, and used it as a platform to get the real facts out there.

What was good to see, in my opinion was the not so often talked about ocd , the unwanted sexual thoughts involving children/babies , being tweeted and talked about . One hopes that this will have helped those who are to afraid to seek help, due to the nature, and the fear of being judged !! Do seek help,there are some fantastic therapists out there who can help you regain your life from the evil ,pathetic OCD

Also what’s been great to see, and vitally important is people have been challenging there ocd , rather than let it challenge them, and there has been some great success over this last week

Ocd actions talk with pure author rose bretcher was very educational, discussing all aspects of OCD ! As was Rosey who holds weekly chats about post/peri natal mental health #pndhour where this weeks topic was about intrusive thoughts and it covered ocd very well.

So to sum it up, well done everyone involved with this weeks ocd awareness week, its been fantastic, but remember awareness doesn’t stop here, its a 365 day process in my opinion, especially I feel , more focus needed on lack of access to correct help, for many on the NHS !

Much love to you all , onwards and upwards !

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Intrusive thoughts of a sexual nature from the past …..

Often termed as “false memory” it isn’t , its OCD.

Where to start ? What happens in this type of OCD is youre hit with images ,/ thoughts that you have sexually abused family members or children in the past, the thoughts of course can be of a very sexual nature, and appear to be , or feel very real, which causes huge angst ! “I’m thinking it, therefore I must have” creeps in ….

The reaction as a OCD sufferer is to try and work out if they are real or not, replaying the images and events , checking children now to see if they seem off or not right, ruminating,self convincing, every conceivable effort is carried out to work out if they actually had happened.

What happens of course, is by carrying out the action/compulsions it actually makes the OCD more powerful and the thoughts become so strong, one can actually start to believe in them, which sadly can lead into a confession (another compulsion) to things they feel they may have done , although the unsure feeling is still there, albeit minimal, but still a thread to cling to.!!

People with these type of thoughts often are too afraid to seek help , for the fear of being judged incorrectly ! But thankfully that is a very rare occurrence these days, but it does shockingly still happen, with needless interventions by social services , due to crap knowledge about OCD, which only adds to the further stress of dealing with OCD !

If you are suffering with this type of unwanted thoughts due to OCD, but are too afraid to seek help, don’t delay, with good help from  charity’s  + (OCD Action) the correct help can be given, and life does and will certainly change for the better