“WHAT IF” its not OCD !! ?

Often , very often you see this statement “what if its not ocd” from people in the grips of a debilitating illness called obsessive compulsive disorder .

I must say, even when i did eventually obtain a correct diagnosis of ocd , the ocd took on a new variation , the dreaded question “what if its not OCD” which leads onto one questioning the diagnosis ….. did you see what happened there !! OCD caught me out like the evil bastard does ….. DOUBT ! ANGST ! = Compulsions so its not ocd then , it must be something else !! therfore i need locking away to protect the public , yes please lock me away, that way everyone will be safe … right ? NOOO because if they did lock me away then those in the locked away place would be in danger !!!!! no let up !!!!

What i learnt from experience is , if you feel that your questioning whether it is ocd or not , id bet a million dollars everytime that it is ocd at work , and the rule of thumb in my way forwards to recovery was to recognise when ocd is at play , and a mantra i learnt is “if it feels like ocd , then treat it as such”

Hope this might help anyone who gets caught out by the OCD , The clue really is in the topic heading



#ASKASHOCD tuesday evenings at 8.15 uk time. A place on twitter where we talk and raise awareness of ocd


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