Dont know what to call it ? Ex sufferer ? Recovered ? Mmm ok ill go for ex sufferer.

So yes to become a ex sufferer I had to become my own therapist basically, because believe it or not , OCD prevented me from going to CBT ! It made me believe , as it does (doubting disease !! ) that if I did go for CBT they would say actually it’s not OCD !! You are insane and need locking away !!

So I turned the CBT down and said i was fine !! Avoidance at its best !

I then decided to gain as much knowledge as I could about OCD, reading books, gathering as much information as I could on how CBT works and what I needed to do, to get myself out of a horrid situation !

Acknowledging that I had OCD was vital, and what I did from that point was to write down each thought that caused suffering and what actions I did to rid myself of the anxiety, and the thoughts

Bit by bit I reduced the compulsions and also encouraged the OCD thoughts , bring it on is that the best you’ve got !! And simply refuse to carry out any form of compulsive behaviours !!

I’d also do the opposite of what OCD demanded, putting myself deliberately into feared situations and places !!

Sounds easy right ?? NO it wasn’t because I would slip up , and fall into engaging with the OCD often called *blips but I’d have to say and remind myself “hey come on ash , you know where this all stems from !” Pick yourself up, dust yourself down , and kick butt

So with perseverance , after 8 months the OCD had faded away !! No entourage of thoughts , Nothing what so ever !!!

And thankfully 11 years on that remains the same !!

It’s kind of interesting re pre diagnosis , at a young age I kind of had an internal ideation of what was wrong, and learnt that if I left it alone it would disappear !!

But of course when a new variant arrives , and it feels like you’ve been hit by a ton of bricks , that all goes out the window !!

So that sums up my recovery , but to add I had to make lifestyle adjustments to !! Knocked alcohol on the head ,took up exercise , ate more healthier, worked at good sleep hygiene , and importantly learnt to look after number 1 and become selfish to a degree, as I was doing to much for others and forgetting about me !!

I wish you well on your recovery , and hope you get to a point where you control the OCD and it doesn’t control you, or for some full recovery


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