Hi all ! Thought I’d try my hand at blogging !!

So here I am , and I’m going to briefly cover the #ASKASHOCD which I launched over a year ago on twitter  !!

Why ? why is because I am, and have remained passionate about OCD awareness , not only for those that suffer but also those that live with the horrid debilitating illness ! since I recovered myself over ten years ago .

It’s been a huge success with top therapists joining in, and offering there knowledge as well as gaining some themselves !!

The hash tag actually has now been recognised by the country’s leading mental health charity mind ! Which is fantastic ! and proud to say the country’s leading OCD charity OCD Action also advocate it , a charity that I’m passionate about and proud to work alongside with.

Big thanks to Diana from Maternal OCD who encouraged me to start if off , and often joins the topics on a Tuesday evening on twitter around 8pm UK time.

Thanks also To Annie Cairns who helps every week , as a parent of OCD sufferer , her work is second to none

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I’d be where I am now in regards to raising awareness of OCD 10 odd years ago !! But it proves hard work has and continues to pay off

Thank you all that join in !! Without you it wouldn’t happen

Onwards and Upwards !

Ash ❤


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